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   Catalogue - Solvents & Antiseptics
Solvents & Antiseptics

Acetone Free Polish Remover

Acetone-free polish remover...

100ml  (dspr10)
250ml  (dspr25)
500ml  (dspr50)
2000ml  (dspr200)

One Second Polish Remover Sponge

Spare sponge for the One Second Polish Remover.


One Second Polish Remover - 80ml

Efficient acetone free polish remover in a handy jar.


Brush Cleaner

Cleaner for brushes.

100ml  (dbc10)
250ml  (dbc25)
500ml  (dbc50)
2000ml  (dbc200)

Nail Soakers – 10 units

Accessories for dissolving artificial nails...


Consumable Ultra Sonic Nail Remover

Solvent for dissolving tips, resin and A.N.S.

500ml  (cusnr50)
2000ml  (cusnr20)

Remover Tips and Resin - 50ml

Liquid that makes the filing of tips and connections easier


Polish Thinner - 50ml

Thinner for nail polish


Cleany Gel

100 ml  (sgc10)
250 ml  (sgc25)
500 ml  (sgc50)
2000 ml  (sgc200)

Fung-off - 50ml

Fungicidal solution...


Nail antiseptic Spray

Antiseptic solution for the preparation of artificial nails...


Nail Antiseptic

Antiseptic solution for the preparation of artificial nails.

100ml  (dna10)
250ml  (dna25)
500ml  (dna50)
2000ml  (dna200)

Barbicide Jar

Glass container for the sterilization of accessories


Barbicide Fluid

Solution for the sterilization of accessories


Sanide - 200ml

Disinfectant soap


Sanide - 2000ml

Disinfectant soap



Bactericide gel for hands



Varnigel range, semi-permanent nail polish

Choose among
more than 80 colours

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